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The Party branch of Beijing Charity Volunteers Federation and the Party Committee of Jiashunyuan Community of Dongjiangying Street jointly carried out the theme of "promoting the spirit of Lei Feng and building a civilized iron camp" to learn Lei Feng volunteer service
Release time: 2023-03-07 1430 Party building work

为纪念毛泽东同志为雷锋题词60周年。近日,习近平总书记对深入开展学雷锋活动作出重要指示。In order to comprehensively study and implement the important directive spirit of the General Secretary on in-depth learning from Lei Feng activities, further inherit and carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, and let the spirit of Lei Feng bloom more brilliant light in the new era。On March 4, the Party branch of the Beijing Charity Volunteers Federation and the Jiashunyuan Community Party Committee of East Blacksmith Camp jointly carried out a series of themed volunteer service activities of "promoting the spirit of Lei Feng and building a civilized iron Camp"。Li Zhi, deputy director of the East Blacksmith Camp Sub-district office, attended the event, Ren Bing, secretary of the Party branch of the Municipal Charity Volunteers Federation, announced the start of the event, and Lin Jiali, secretary of the Party Committee of Jiashunyuan Community, presided over the event。

The Lei Feng volunteer service activity, for the community residents to carry out voluntary barber, garbage classification knowledge publicity, free measurement of blood sugar, blood pressure, traditional Chinese massage free diagnosis, beauty and skin care monitoring, children's art enlightenment development and love ear publicity and other public welfare activities。Party member volunteers in the process of cutting hair,Patiently ask the old man about his hair style,Carefully trim their hair,The skilled skills and enthusiastic service of the charity volunteers have won the unanimous praise of the elderly;Garbage classification publicity activities are in the form of on-site interaction such as garbage classification games and prize answers,Let the community residents master the basic knowledge of garbage classification,Develop the habit of sorting garbage,Raise environmental awareness,Strengthen the consciousness of cherishing resources and saving energy;Public welfare activities such as free clinic, massage, ear-care day promotion and skincare are also warmly welcomed by residents,More than 300 people participated in the event。

The "Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and build a civilized iron camp" learning Lei Feng volunteer service activities,It aims to closely combine the study of Lei Feng spirit with the practice of civilization in the new era,We will unite the spirit of Lei Feng and the spirit of volunteer service,Create a strong social atmosphere in which everyone can learn from Lei Feng spirit and dedicate love everywhere,以实际行动践行习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,Establish good morals,Contribute to the creation of a civilized and harmonious social environment。

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