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Release time: 2021-10-22 3181 Exchange bank

        On October 22, 2021, the second phase of the "Three Assignments" exchange trip of Beijing Charity Volunteers Federation was successfully concluded。Participating in the exchange activities are Jayne Holdings, You An Men Sports Association, Chang Hong Law firm, corporate and institutional representatives and Wezhonghui, Love 100, Second sister public welfare, China Little Reporter, Jiai and other charity volunteer service team leaders。

        On August 17, 2021, the tenth meeting of the Financial and Economic Commission of the CPC Central Committee proposed to build a basic institutional arrangement for the coordination and supporting of primary distribution, redistribution and tertiary distribution。This follows the promulgation and implementation of the Charity Law in 2016,It will further release a major signal that the Party and the state will vigorously develop public welfare and charity undertakings and adjust the pattern of income distribution in the new era,It has become a strategic guide for building a more advantageous distribution system, creating a road of public welfare and philanthropy with Chinese characteristics, and moving toward socialist common prosperity。

        The representatives of the participating companies introduced their business segments and the charitable projects they are currently involved in。The person in charge of the volunteer team introduced the team's charity service content, achievements and recent public welfare projects, and combined with years of charity and public welfare participation experience, actively offered suggestions around "How enterprises do three times distribution"。

        Beijing Charity Volunteers Federation is a 5A level social organization of the municipal level,We will thoroughly implement and study the spirit of the 10th meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Commission,In the development process of charity and volunteer service,To better create a social environment for enterprises to participate in charity,Give play to the role of the federation as a "pivot" social organization,To enhance the sense of moral commonweal among more people,We will promote the high-quality and rapid development of charity projects in Beijing。



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