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【mg摆脱冰球豪华版下载有限公司】 Charity volunteers walked into Hongde Home to send care for children!
Release time: 2023-04-17 1308 Party and mass activities

On April 16, the 11 members of Hongjun Charity Volunteer service team of Beijing Charity Volunteer Federation went to Hongde Home in Zhuozhou, Hebei under the leadership of Zhou Xilun, the party building instructor, and Liang Hao, a caring person。

The charity volunteers gave the children fruits and love to leave, interact, play basketball, sports, their arrival was warmly welcomed by the children。

President Wang introduced the current situation of the children, most of them are from poor families in Hebei Province, there are more than 30 children receiving assistance, their age distribution is not consistent, including all stages of the first grade to high school, are studying in Dingxing School。
When the charity volunteers saw the wall of awards awarded to the children for their excellent performance after returning to school, they felt the sense of responsibility as a charity。
Then the charity volunteers helped the canteen to wash and pick vegetables and had lunch with the children. The sympathy activity was successfully concluded in the warmth and care. The charity volunteers said that they hoped to organize such activities more and get a lot of education, and agreed to make dumplings for the children next time, passing on the power of love through every little thing。
Mr. Zhou Xilun, the party building instructor of Hongjun Charity Volunteer Service team, said that he would often lead the charity volunteers to come and interact with the children, and also thanked the hospital for providing us with loving service opportunities。
Hongjun Charity delivers great love, we hope that the charity volunteers can actively participate, let us warm the world with love together!
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