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"Festival zero waste, Party members stand at the head" - Wezhonghui charity volunteer service team
Release time: 2023-05-04 1043 Party and mass activities

On the morning of May 1st,Wezhonghui charity volunteer service teamThe Shijingshan detachment carried out volunteer service activities of "zero waste during the festival and Party members' standing at the head" in the Half Moon Park。16 volunteers participated in the activity, including 4 Party members, a group of volunteer families (3 people), and 7 new volunteers。

This event coincides with the "May Day" Labor Day holiday,Everyone under the leadership of party volunteers,先是认真学习了《mg摆脱冰球豪华版下载》文章,A profound understanding of the Party's 20th National Congress report to continue to promote the scientific method of theoretical innovation,That is, six must: we must adhere to the people first, we must adhere to self-confidence and self-reliance, we must adhere to innovation, we must adhere to the problem orientation, we must adhere to the system concept, we must adhere to the world。After that, the team members carried out environmental protection activities in the park in groups, picking up and cleaning garbage on the park pavement, lawn and fitness field。

Before the environmental cleanup began, Captain Song Yunhui organized everyone to sign in, distributed "red vests" and environmental protection tools, and made specific requirements and deployments on the content, route, scope of activities, standardized services and safety precautions。

Party member volunteer Guan Xiuping distributed disposable gloves for everyone, and Li Xiufen explained the precautions to the new players。Under the leadership of Party members and volunteers, we are not afraid of dirty and tired。In particular, university student volunteer Li Jiahui, who participated in the green zero waste activity for the first time, asked for advice humorously, carefully inspected, carefully picked up garbage, and managed to sort and dispose of it。

After the event, everyone said that this was a very meaningful volunteer service activity, which was influenced by the Party class education and realized the practical significance of environmental protection and zero waste。The team members said that on the volunteer service road of civilization construction in the new era, we must work together, keep in mind the mission, wholeheartedly do every volunteer service, make the Party emblem more colorful, and let the flag of volunteer service fly high。

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