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The Party branch of the Beijing Federation of Charity Volunteers held the 2022 annual organization meeting and democratic review Party member work meeting
Release time: 2023-04-06 1159 Party and mass activities

On April 4, the Party branch of the Beijing Federation of Charity Volunteers held the 2022 annual organization meeting and democratic review Party member work meeting。Wang Bailing, vice president of the Federation and director of the Party Construction Committee, attended the meeting, Party members attended the meeting, Party branch activists and applicants for party membership attended the meeting, and the meeting was presided over by Party Secretary Ren Bing。

会上,首先由支部委员姚冉传达了,习近平总书记对深入开展学雷锋活动时作出的重要指示强调《mg摆脱冰球豪华版下载有限公司》,全体党员认真学习了总书记的讲话精神。And said to participate in Lei Feng party members volunteer service activities, with practical actions to interpret the spirit of Lei Feng in the new era。

Subsequently, on behalf of the Party Branch Committee, Ren Bing summarized the implementation of relevant work in 2022, deeply analyzed the problems and shortcomings of the Party branch, proposed rectification measures and the direction and goals of future efforts, and took the lead in conducting personal control inspections。The participating party members deeply analyzed themselves in terms of job duties, party constitution and exemplary role play of party members, and carried out criticism and self-criticism one by one, and carried out democratic evaluation of the party branch and all party members by secret ballot。

Finally, Director Wang Bailing made a comment speech, she pointed out that the organizational life will receive the effect of red face sweating, detoxification treatment, to achieve the expected goal of improving the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organization, after the meeting, the party branch should seriously grasp the implementation of rectification, so that the party building and business work in an orderly and solid way。Director Bailing also put forward hopes for the party branch and party members respectively。She stresses,The party branch must first strengthen the political and organizational functions of the party organization,Strictly implement the requirements and arrangements of the central and municipal committees;Second, we must effectively enhance the vitality of Party organizations,Organize party members' activities to enrich organizational life;Third, we must earnestly adhere to the strict tone to strengthen the positive wind and discipline,Style construction is always on the road。The hope for party members: first, to strengthen learning, through learning to transform the subjective world and the objective world;Second, we must give play to the exemplary role of vanguard party members to take the lead in doing a good job and take the lead in abiding by discipline and law;The third is to strengthen the party spirit education, be strict with oneself, and actively do the disseminator of positive energy。

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