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Introduction of the Federation
Brief introduction of Beijing Charity Volunteer Federation
Beijing Charity Volunteers Association (formerly the Charity Volunteers Association) was established on July 30, 2011, is approved by the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, is a social organization in charge of the Beijing Municipal Social Construction Work Office。The purpose of the Federation is to carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation of charity, helping the needy and the civilized spirit of doing good deeds and selfless dedication, integrate charitable resources, organize volunteer teams, and promote social harmony, progress and development。
The Federation has been rated as the most effective charity organization by the Beijing Municipal Government for five consecutive years。
In 2014, the Federation was recognized by the Beijing Social Construction Work Leading Group as a municipal "hub" social organization, and is the only civil society organization among the 51 "hub" social organizations in Beijing。
The Federation was approved by the Municipal Bureau of Finance, the National Tax Bureau, the Local Taxation Bureau, and the Civil Affairs Bureau as the first public welfare social group qualified for pre-tax deduction of public welfare donations in 2014, and was rated as a 5A social organization by the Civil Affairs Bureau。The large-scale cultural publicity activities to find the most beautiful charity volunteers won the second Beijing Social Organization Public Service Brand Gold Award;The cultural relic protection volunteer service project jointly held with Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage won the 3rd Beijing Social Organization Public Service Brand Gold Award。
The current work areas and responsibilities of the Federation are: "mainly responsible for the contact, service and management of the voluntary service organizations of large non-public enterprises in this city, as well as volunteer organizations and individuals from all walks of life at all levels"。
The Federation and the Beijing Municipal Party Committee office such as: Beijing Municipal Party Committee of Social Work, Municipal Transportation Commission, Civil Affairs Bureau, Municipal Cultural Bureau, Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, Municipal Water Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau, and Beijing TV Station, Beijing People's Radio and other units to carry out large-scale volunteer service brand activities for a long time。
Beijing Charity Volunteers Association civil society organization leader
Charity is a vivid display of human love, an important symbol of social civilization, and a glorious and noble cause full of humanitarian care。We should carry forward the humanitarian spirit, put people first, help the needy, carry forward the concept of charity, provide assistance to the elderly and the young, help students with medical assistance, help the disabled and help the poor and other charitable assistance, regulate donation management and improve fundraising capacity, promote public welfare and charity undertakings and the construction of a harmonious society, and reflect the progress and development of human society。
Many charity volunteers and volunteers and social voluntary organizations are a grand social force in social services. As the most active factor in the social reciprocity mechanism, this team plays an important role in the innovation process of social governance system and plays an irreplaceable role。
Charity volunteers (volunteers) participate in social governance by providing down-to-earth and most direct services。It has remarkable service characteristics such as standardization, scale, specialization and humanization,With their own skills, resources,Solve many problems of difficult groups in the real society,This team of charity volunteers is committed to social responsibility,To solve social contradictions, bridge social cracks, spread truth, goodness and beauty, and build a good social order to achieve governance,Dare to do,Dare to take responsibility。Through various forms of services such as face-to-face zero-distance services and zero-distance services for needy groups, we can help and solve social problems, so that their awareness and enthusiasm to participate in social governance are constantly enhanced and improved。
Today I will introduce you to the leader of civil society organizations - Beijing Charity Volunteers Federation
The Beijing Charity Federation "carries forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation of charity, helping the poor, and the civilized spirit of collecting good deeds and selfless dedication.,Integrate charity resources,Organize volunteer team,Volunteer to contribute to social and community charities,Promote social harmony, progress and development,Advocate that all capable people "strive to be voluntary workers of charity" as the fundamental purpose。
Our emblem is not casually designed, it has a special meaning, the following will take you to look at the components of the emblem and its meaning: The emblem as a whole consists of four parts: wheat, red heart, flame, "righteousness" word deformation。"Wheat" symbolizes people's livelihood and international communication。"Red heart" symbolizes the love of charity volunteers;The word "Yi" morphs to symbolize torches;"Flame" is bright and colorful, active in shape, representing the love of charity volunteers like flames。The Chinese character "Yi" represents Chinese culture;The whole emblem symbolizes the selfless devotion of Chinese charity volunteers burning like a flame all over the world。
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